• Why Don't You Deliver to NI, Scottish Highlands or Islands?

    Our Gyoza must arrive next day. Next day shipping is either unavailable, or too expensive for us to serve these areas.

  • Is your Packaging recyclable?

    Everything we use is Recyclable at worst, and Biodegradable at best. We've tried our hardest to create the most eco friendly offering, with the constraints of shipping a frozen product. Please dispose of all products as instructed.

  • Why can't I collect my order on the day I placed it?

    We process orders firs thing on a morning only. We do not check orders through the day. We will not have your order ready for collection until the next morning. Please do not come to collect your order outside of the time you selected.

  • Can I collect my order on a Weekend?

    We do not offer weekend collections, our staff may or may not be on site during these days.

  • You make Vegan products, but also sell meat. WTF?

    We believe everyone should be able to #OpenWide at Big Mouth Gyoza. We have a very strict cross contamination prevention policy. Everything in the kitchen is boil washed after use, and we only handle & make vegan products on days when no meaty business occurs. We also store meat separately, to avoid any interaction at all.

  • Why is there a 2 bag minimum order?

    The packaging used for both delivery and collection orders costs a significant amount of money. We absorb this cost, but without selling 2 bags or more at once, we would not make enough money per order to justify selling the product.

  • Can I order a mixed bag of Gyoza?

    No. Due to Natasha's Law, all products must be labelled and stored separately. We don't, and won't make any exceptions here.