Nobody’s eaten more Gyoza than Tom

It’s true. I’m not ashamed.

From eating frozen gyoza daily, to popping into every spot I pass for a quick six—I have
eaten lots of gyoza.

I first tasted a gyoza while working at the Manchester institution, Tampopo. I was hooked.

Hungry for more, I set off on an Asian adventure. I settled in Yokohama, Japan, where I worked for three years. Living in Japan has made one thing clear: food is the most important thing to me. When I fell in love with festival food, I knew what I wanted to do next.

Thousands of dumplings, hundreds of working hours, tens of tasting parties later & a flight half-way around the world: Big Mouth Gyoza was born.

After a year on the festival circuit, selling out event after event, at the start of 2020 Big Mouth Gyoza was locked down. With thousands of handmade Gyoza in the freezer, there was only one thing I could do: deliver the dumplings to your doors.

15,000 miles in the van, 4000 households, & 4 full time staff later, I paused our delivery offering to focus on the 2021 festival season.

Now, we’re back bigger than ever, delivering our Gyoza nationwide!

Thanks for your kind words #GyozaGang

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