Miso-Mashed Potatoes

I love mashed potatoes. I served these through winter, after falling out with rice. They’re a great accompaniment to Gyoza, or anything really.


  • British Rooster Potatoes
  • Butter (Olive Spread if Vegan)
  • White Miso Paste


  • Chives
  • Black Sesame Seeds


  1. Wash & chop your potatoes into quarters/similar sized pieces. Place spuds in pan, fill with cold water.
  2. Don’t forget to salt your water. I don’t mean a pinch: Salty like the sea!
  3. Get them boiling on the hob, then turn it down to a simmer. Cook the spuds until fork tender. It’s better to slightly undercook, than overcook.
  4. It’s important to drain your potatoes really well. Use a sieve or colander. Really move them around, get as much water off as possible.
  5. Place drained spuds in a pan/bowl for mashing. Mash by hand, to preference. I like it lumpy. Over cooking, or poor drainage may lead to very runny mash.
  6. For every 500g of potatoes, mix together 2 tablespoons of butter with 2 tablespoons of Miso, in a pan, on low heat. Stir rapidly to emulsify.
  7. Once mixed, stream the liquid into your mash, and mix it around.
  8. Check your mash for seasoning. Salt & Pepper to taste.
  9. Top your mash with diced chives & black sesame seeds.